Our committee aims to educate you through exposure to real life case studies. Hone your analytical skills and develop innovative strategies to solve a variety of business problems. If you want to transform ideas and insights into real growth opportunities, this is the place to learn.

Meet the Chairs

Kristina Lee

I'm an intended MCB major and a Bay Area local. In addition to PBL, I work at NASA, run my own charity, and am active member in my sorority. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, drinking too much coffee, and exploring the world.

Timothy Huang

Hey there, I'm Tim. I'm a sophomore looking to double major in Computer Science and Business, and I'm passionate about technology, design, and international languages/cultures. I enjoy traveling and eating food, testing out new technologies, and complaining about homework. If you catch me during my free time, I'll probably be playing games or binge-watching Gordan Ramsay videos.