Our committee aims to educate you through exposure to real life case studies. Hone your analytical skills and develop innovative strategies to solve a variety of business problems. If you want to transform ideas and insights into real growth opportunities, this is the place to learn.

Meet the Chairs

Cynthia Luan

Hi, I am Cynthia, a senior double majoring in Business and Statistics. I am really passionate about education, so outside of PBL, I am a part of a education charity group and have done volunteer education for 7 years. In my free time, I love traveling, have been to 25 countries and hope to travel around the world, photography, eating, and telling everyone I'm on diet.

Abby Tan

I’m a first-year looking to double major in Business and Data Science, and I’m particularly interested in the intersection of the two fields within consulting. Outside of PBL, I am part of a consulting club and the Berkeley Project. In my free time, I enjoy eating ramen, treating myself to things I can’t afford, and binge watching Netflix.