Welcome, we’re excited to have you as part of our team this semester! We will provide knowledge on the basic principle of finance and give committee members a sense of what the finance industry is comprised of. We have an exciting and fast-paced curriculum planned to help you get the most out of this semester, but if you ever feel things are moving too fast, don’t worry! We also encourage you to be social with the rest of the club (PBL is one big FAMILY) and take advantage of all the opportunities that PBL offers.

Meet the Chairs

Alex Park

I am an incoming senior studying environmental economics. I used to be a student athlete at UC Berkeley on the golf team. I want to pursue a career in banking, more specifically, corporate banking. I love playing sports, being outdoors, and hanging out with my friends!

Ankur Singh

I am a sophomore studying economics at UC Berkeley with a c areer interest in investment banking. My hobbies include playing basketball, working out with friends, and traveling.