team member

I'm a senior studying Business Administration at Berkeley-Haas, originally from New Jersey.

Alex Park
team member

Through my involvement in student organizations, I have developed and implemented skills in user acquisition, business development, and market research.

Hermes Ip
Senior Vice President
team member

Hi, I'm Taylor, a third-year studying Economics, and I am interested in the intersection of healthcare, operations and public policy.

Taylor Wang
VP Membership
team member

I'm a third year economics major, and this will be my 4th semester in PBL, spent mostly with consulting and project teams.

Yusuf Yamani
VP Corporate Relations
team member

I'm a Junior majoring in Economics and originally from Orange, California. This past summer I worked as an Operations Intern for RapidScale, a cloud services company located in Irvine.

Corey Gibbel
VP Campus Affairs
team member

Hi, I'm a sophomore studying economics. I am interested in finance and have experience at Merrill Lynch in their Private Banking and Investment Group.

Chloe Lin
VP Finance
team member

Hey everyone, I am Austin, currently a third year studying Economics. I'm interested in the entertainment business/ film industry and am also a huge football (soccer) fan.

Austin Kim
VP Operations