Our committee’s goal is to bridge the gap between technology and business. Committee members will advance their Excel and programming skills for data analysis, while gaining a holistic view of how these skills are integrated into business.

Meet the Chairs

Caroline Chen

As an intended double major in Statistics and Data Science, I am interested in utilizing data to make informed decisions -- a passion that transformed smoothly into the technology committee. Outside of tech, I am a senior consultant in one of PBL's client consulting team. In my free time, I make puns and create monstrosities in Photoshop to generate reactions of anger and astonishment.

Jacqueline Zhang

As a sophomore intending to major in Computer Science, I have always been passionate about the tech industry and how it can be applied to other fields. Joining PBL has not only given me the opportunity to further expand my knowledge of tech and business but also helped me become more confident and extroverted as a person. Academics aside, I enjoy making graphics designs, shooting photos, venturing off into nature, and drinking coffee!