Upper Division Teams

Max Wang & Carrington Park

Max: Hello! Nice to meet you all. First I was a finance CM, and then a [IN] chair and now this will mark my third semester in PBL leading a client team with Carrington. My day consists of dancing, eating, and sleeping. Repeat. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Carrington: This will be my fourth semester in PBL and I’m thrilled to be leading a project with Max! I previously was a Marketing Chair, and worked on client teams for a start-up, Twitter, and PepsiCo. I’m from New Jersey and love traveling, dogs, and coffee!

Kira Guo & Caroline Chen

Kira: I had a super fun and rewarding experience as an analyst last semester and I am super excited to lead a team with Caroline this semester! I have joined PBL since my first semester at Cal and it truly has become a family for me.

Caroline: This is my fourth semester in PBL, and I'm excited to be a Project Manager! In the past, I've served as a client consultant for the Twitter and Amplitude projects. In my free time, I enjoy making abominations in Photoshop and drinking large quantities of coffee.

Rena Song

I’m returning to PBL for my third semester this fall and am excited to lead a client team! Most recently, I was part of the Twitter Client Team and was also a Consulting Chair. Outside of PBL, I like playing tennis, skiing, and discovering new places to eat.