Upper Division Teams


Anthony Chen & Megan Wang

Anthony: I am a sophomore studying economics at UC Berkeley and looking to perhaps get into marketing as a career path. I currently serve as a Project Manager and a Marketing Chair in PBL, as well as a Historian Advisor for AFX. My hobbies include dance, photography, and watching video essays about movies and v ideography. I also almost always start my day with a cup of coffee or black tea to get me into a productive mood or mindset. Catch me working in some corner in a library on campus or dancing in Eshleman Hall!

Megan: PBL has inspired me to explore a diversity of professional interests. I started out as a marketing CM in Fall 2018, then a design CM and csr consultant for Twitter in Spring 2018. Since then, I have worked as an event planning & social media assistant for Berkeley CEND, a marketing strategy consultant for Pepsi. Co, and most recently, a graphic design & digital consulting intern in Hong Kong. Going forward, I am ecstatic to continue learning, improving, and applying my past knowledge and experiences in a PM role alongside my amazing co-PM Anthony. In my free time, I enjoy freehand sketching, graphic design, and photography.

Kristina Lee & Timothy Huang

Kristina Lee: I'm an intended MCB major and a Bay Area local. In addition to PBL, I work at NASA, run my own charity, and am active member in my sorority. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, drinking too much coffee, and exploring the world.

Timothy Huang: Hey there, I'm Tim. I'm a sophomore looking to double major in Computer Science and Business, and I'm passionate about technology, design, and international languages/cultures. I enjoy traveling and eating food, testing out new technologies, and complaining about homework. If you catch me during my free time, I'll probably be playing games or binge-watching Gordan Ramsay videos.

Rena Song

I’m returning to PBL for my third semester this fall and am excited to lead a client team! Most recently, I was part of the Twitter Client Team and was also a Consulting Chair. Outside of PBL, I like playing tennis, skiing, and discovering new places to eat.

Yusuf Yamani

I'm a third year economics major, and this will be my 4th semester in PBL. I've spent most of that time working with the Consulting Committee and project teams. I plan to pursue a career in strategy either at the industry level or in management consulting.


Meejin Choi

Hi, my name is Meejin and I am the project manager for the design client team this semester. I am a junior studying Cognitive Science, hoping to pursue a career in branding or product design. Our design client team will be working on a UI/UX based project and assisting in rebranding.