Visual Media


Our committee exposes you to the basics of photography and cinematography so you can develop a unique and expressive style. We cultivate an environment in which you can use your newly developed technical skills to push your creativity to the limits and apply them to any the context of the real world.

Meet the Chairs

Jackie Hu

I’m a sophomore looking to double major in economics and data science. I’m passionate about photography with a special interest in mobile and film. I spent the last summer working for two private equity firms. I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling and meeting new people. I am prone to setting routines for food, but drag me to that new place with that new menu and astonish me.

Lorenzo Dela Cruz

I’m a sophomore and an intended MCB major. Besides PBL, I am also the Photographer and Video Editor for RoboBears. I enjoy taking portraits, street photography, and creating aesthetic videos. Outside of photography and cinematography, I enjoy playing basketball, singing and playing piano, dancing, and spontaneous adventuring.